RECRUITment, Retention & staffing SEMINARS

All seminars are located at the DEVOS Center Convention Center, unless otherwise noted.

Drive the Road Leadership

Monday, June 26, at 8:00am – Part 1
Monday, June 26, at 9:15am – Part 2
Monday, June 26, at 10:30am – Part 3

PRESENTERS: Sheriff (ret.) Paul Laney, Cass County, ND and Mary Phillippi, Director, Red River Regional Dispatch Center (RRRDC)

DESCRIPTION: Are you driving the road or are you hitting the ditches? Are you a saturator or a sniper in your communication techniques? Is there “The Way” or “A Way”?

At this session, attendees will understand the presenter’s Drive the Road leadership philosophy and learn how to apply it in their work environment. They will receive instruction on communication styles, dealing with conflict, providing feedback and identifying their own leadership style. Attendees will also learn the presenter’s experiences in leading from “a way” not “the way.”

Leadership Development of your staff is the foundation for recruiting new staff, retaining current staff and creating a positive work culture.


  • The student will better understand the different styles of leadership utilized within
    today’s work environment and will learn how to identify their own style of
  • The student will understand and learn the speaker’s “Drive the Road” Leadership
  • The student will understand and learn better ways to communicate with staff,
    peers, and leadership, including conflict resolution.
  • The student will better understand the importance of and be given tools on how to
    confront/solve performance issues w/supervisees.


Tuesday, June 27, at 2:00pm




Rock Your Recruitment: Leveraging Digital Tools to Find the Best and Brightest

Tuesday, June 27, at 3:15pm

PRESENTERS: Harish R. Rao, Founder & CEO, Interpersonal Frequency

DESCRIPTION: Learn how to use social media, online advertising, and a dedicated recruitment website to bring the best and brightest to your law enforcement agency. Join Interpersonal Frequency’s Founder & CEO, Harish R. Rao for an informative and energetic session on digital recruitment for law enforcement personnel. Here are the main areas he’ll cover along with real-world examples from Interpersonal Frequency’s law enforcement clients:

Create a dedicated recruitment website: A dedicated recruitment website can provide a one-stop-shop for potential candidates to learn more about the agency and the recruitment process. The website should include information about the agency’s mission and values, job openings and requirements, and the application process. Consider including a virtual tour of the agency, as well as testimonials from current officers.

Create a recruitment video: A recruitment video can be a powerful tool for attracting potential law enforcement personnel. It can showcase the agency’s mission and values, as well as the daily work and opportunities available to officers. Consider hiring a professional production company to create a high-quality video that showcases the agency in a positive light.

Utilize social media and online advertising: Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can be great tools for reaching a large and diverse audience. Consider creating a dedicated recruitment account and posting regular updates about job openings, agency events, and other information that may be of interest to potential candidates. Online advertising can also be effective, particularly on job boards and other websites that are popular with law enforcement professionals.

Make the application process as easy as possible: A complicated or time-consuming application process can be a major deterrent for potential candidates. Consider implementing an online application system that allows candidates to easily submit their resumes and other materials with just a few clicks. Alternatively, consider offering a one-page application form that can be completed and submitted online.

Work on being on the top page of search results: Content marketing practices can boost SEO for law enforcement recruitment websites by creating high-quality, relevant, and keyword-rich content that attracts and engages potential candidates. By consistently sharing valuable content, agencies can improve their search engine rankings and increase the visibility of their recruitment website. This can help to attract a higher volume of qualified candidates and ultimately improve the agency’s recruitment efforts.


  • Practical strategies for attracting top talent to their agency using a range of digital tools and techniques. 
  • The use of social media, online advertising, and a dedicated recruitment website to reach a broad and diverse audience.
  • Learn about the importance of streamlining the application process through online forms. We will use real-world examples to showcase each area. Attendees will gain valuable insights and takeaways that they can immediately apply to their agency’s digital recruitment efforts.

Strategies for Recruitment, Hiring and Retention

Tuesday, June 27, at 4:30pm

PRESENTERS: Kym Craven, Executive Director, National Association of Women Law Enforcement Executives

DESCRIPTION: This presentation will provide a variety of strategies related to recruitment, hiring, and retention. Recruiting, hiring, and retaining applicants is a topic of national importance to all agencies in the criminal and law enforcement profession. This session will provide an overview of national data, results of leading research projects, and pathways for success.
NAWLEE will discuss various factors affecting recruitment and hiring and ways agencies are overcoming challenges to enhance recruitment strategies to increase applications for open positions.
Included in the discussion will be a variety of specific messages and strategies related to the evaluation of recruitment materials used by agencies and focus group results held in the field.
A review of the 30×30 initiative will also be shared during the session, along with information on a partnership between RTI, IACLEA, and NAWLEE to create career pathways through a grant from BJA.


  • Data related to recruitment to inform decision making strategies.
  • Strategies of how to attract applications.
  • Best practices related to the development of recruitment materials.
  • Information on barriers to attracting women into law enforcement.
  • Details on how to enhance the image of an agency with its online presence for recruitment.
  • Examples of strategies that are working for agencies that can be replicated without a significant budget impact.


Neurobiology of Relationships: Imperatives for Enhancing Retention, Recruitment and Community Relations

Wednesday, June 28, at 2:00pm

PRESENTERS: Dr. Mitch Javidi, CEO & President, International Academy of Public Safety

DESCRIPTION: A relationship refers to a kind of connection and association between two or more people or the way people are involved with each other. Sheriffs’ offices and their deputies are in all sorts of inter(agency-wide) and intra (communities and stakeholders) relationships. This workshop outlines the neurobiology of effective relationships for enhanced healthy and productive outcomes. More specifically, the presentations will outline the importance of creating harmony between the mind, brain, and relationships to harmonize the medial pre-frontal cortex to achieve attunement. This will enable the participants to understand how the brain works and how elevating harmony of self-nuerobiological alignment will lead to maximized retention, recruitment, and community relations with maximized RESULTS with CONFIDENCE. 


  • Describe the triangle of mindsight (Mind, Brain and Relationships).
  • List of strategies for effective relationships-based strategies for retentions and recruitment.
  • List strategies for effective relationships-based strategies for community relationships. 


Wednesday, June 28, at 3:15pm




If You Build it They will Come: The Role of Culture in Recruiting and Retention

Wednesday, June 28, at 4:30pm

PRESENTERS: John Bostain, President, Command Presence 

DESCRIPTION: Agencies are facing unprecedented challenges recruiting and retaining the best talent. Gone are the days of hundreds of applicants for a handful of openings. Today’s applicants are looking for more than just money; they want to be a part of something bigger than themselves. So how do you become THE agency everyone wants to work for? Through case study and guided discussion, participants will focus on three critical areas of organizational culture that will provide you a competitive advantage to recruit and more importantly, retain, the best personnel for your agency.


  • Strategies for intentionally designing the agency culture your people deserve.
  • How investing in leadership training at all levels, for both sworn and non-sworn personnel enhances agency culture.
  • How succession planning for talent, not title, enhances agency culture and increases retention.