Contact Us!

For general conference information, contact:

Ross Mirmelstein
National Sheriffs' Association
Director of Conferences

For seminar proposal information, contact:

Mike Brown
National Sheriffs' Association
Director of Professional Development

For exhibitor information, contact:

Kathy Maguire
National Account Manager
770.432.8410 ext. 153

For conference sponsorships and corporate partnerships information, contact:

Lindsay Hopkins
National Sheriffs' Association
Sponsorship & Partnership Sales Manager

For other inquiries, contact:

  • Registration ContractorVoice Hive
  • Housing Contractor: Orchid Event Solutions
  • General Service Contractor: Brede Exposition Services

NOTICE: Unauthorized Companies Soliciting Services for NSA Conferences
We understand that our exhibitors and sponsors have been inundated with phone calls and emails from fraudulent companies claiming to represent the National Sheriffs’ Association. We are making changes to the way we publish our exhibiting companies’ information to help reduce those unwanted contacts. Please be assured that the following are the only currently approved vendors with regard to our annual conferences. If you are contacted by any other company claiming to represent the National Sheriffs’ Association, please check with us before doing business with them.