2020 Rules & Regulations

  1. Standard Booth Description and Height Restrictions 
    Definition: One or more standard units in a straight line.
    Depth: All display fixtures over 4 ft./1.22m in height and placed within 10 lineal ft./3.05m of an adjoining exhibit, must be confined to that area of the exhibitor's space which is within 5 ft./1.52m of the backline.
    Intent: Each exhibitor is entitled to a reasonable sightline from the aisle, regardless of the size of his exhibit. Exhibitors with larger space (30 lineal ft./9.14m or more) should also be able to effectively use as much of the total floor space as possible, as long as they do not interfere with the rights of others. The limitation on display fixtures over 4 ft./1.22m and within 10 lineal ft./3.05m of a neighboring exhibit is intended to accomplish both of these aims.
  2. Set-up and Removal of Exhibits
    Exhibit set-up begins Monday, June 22, 2020.
    Vehicles only from 8:00 am – 12:00 pm. All exhibits must be completely set by 5:00 pm on Tuesday, June 23rd. Space not claimed and occupied by 3:00 pm on Tuesday, June 23rd will be forfeited and may be reassigned. Booth installation will not be permitted after the show opens. Exhibits must be removed from the Convention Center between 3 – midnight on Thursday, June 25th. However, exhibitors may not remove, dismantle, or begin to pack materials or displays before 3:00pm on Thursday, June 25th. Any exhibitor who begins to tear down prior to this time will jeopardize participation in future shows.
  3. Tentative Show Hours 
    Tuesday, June 23: 5:30pm - 7:00pm
    Wednesday, June 24: 10:00am - 3:00pm
    Thursday, June 25: 9:00am - 3:00pm
    At least one company representative must be present in the booth at all times during show hours.
  4. Proper Use of Exhibit Space
    Exhibitors may not reassign, sublet, or allow other companies to use the whole or a part of the space assigned by NSA. Exhibitors may not display or advertise any goods or services not manufactured, distributed, or otherwise provided by the exhibiting company during the normal course of business. All displays, demonstrations, sales activities, etc., must be contained within the reserved booth space. Exhibitors may not impede traffic through the aisles.

    Only those companies exhibiting with NSA can promote their products or services and only in their assigned space. NSA policy firmly restricts representatives or organizations that have not been assigned an official exhibit booth space from soliciting business and from distributing promotional materials of any type within the Exhibit Hall area or any other areas. Those caught doing so will be immediately asked to leave. NSA's status as a nonprofit organization precludes direct sales of any goods from the exhibit floor. Delegates may place orders with exhibitors for goods or services. The use of audio-visual or other special effects equipment may not obstruct or otherwise interfere with adjacent booths.
  5. Shipping, Decorating, and Services 
    An exhibitor service kit will be emailed to registered exhibitors, which will provide complete instructions, shipping information, and cost of available services. Rental furniture, special booth decorations, signs, labor, and electrical and janitorial services can be ordered in advance at prevailing rates. Brede is the official NSA service contractor.
  6. Liability
    NSA shall not in any manner or for any cause be held liable or responsible to any Exhibitor or any person for any injury or damage to any person, business or property in any related to or arising in connection with NSA’s Exhibition. Each Exhibitor agrees to indemnify and to hold harmless NSA and its directors, officers, employees and agents (the Indemnified Parties) against any and all claims, liabilities, losses and expenses incurred or asserted against the Indemnified Parties which are caused by any act or omission of the Exhibitor or which occurs within the leased Exhibit Space by the Exhibitor or arises in connection with the activities of the Exhibitor with regard to the NSA Exhibition.
  7. Insurance 
    Exhibitor acknowledges that NSA and the Tampa Bay Convention Center do not maintain insurance covering the Exhibitor’s Property; and it is the sole responsibility of the Exhibitor to obtain business interruption coverage and property damage insurance covering any such property losses incurred by the Exhibitor. 
  8. Weapons and Explosives 
    Because of insurance restrictions, all weapons displayed in the exhibit hall must be rendered inoperative. This may be done by the removal of a critical component or by using trigger locks. An armorer will inspect all weapons before opening the exhibit hall. Live explosives of any type, that includes but is not limited to ammunition, smoke grenades, or other devices, are not permitted in the exhibit hall under any circumstances. Be sure to check the state of Florida law pertaining to bringing weapons into the state. 
  9. Cancellation and Relocation 
    Exhibitor may cancel or otherwise reduce space requirements only by giving written notice to NSA and complying with the terms hereof. In the event an exhibitor cancels all or part of the exhibit space contracted, exhibitor agrees to pay as liquidated damages the following:

    If downsizing: 
         a) 50% of the downsized contracted amount if written notice is received on or before November 30, 2019. 
         b) 75% of the downsized contracted amount if written notice is received between December 1, 2019, and February 29, 2020. 
         c) 100% of the downsized contracted amount if written notice is received after February 29, 2020.

    If cancelling: 
        a)  50% of the contracted space cost if cancellation is received on or before November 30, 2019. 
        b) 75% of the contracted space cost if cancellation is received between December 1, 2019 and February 29, 2020. 
        c)  100% of the contracted space cost if cancellation is received after February 29, 2020.

    In the event that an exhibitor fails to remit all of the liquidated damages on the cancelled space, the exhibitor shall not be permitted to participate in future NSA events. Payment of unused space may not be applied towards the purchase of space at other NSA events. Subletting of space by exhibitor is prohibited. 
  10. No-Show Policy
    Any exhibit space unoccupied by 3:00pm on Tuesday, June 23, 2020, unless other arrangements have been made in advance with NSA, may be regarded as a “no-show.” The exhibitor will be deemed to have cancelled the exhibit space contract and, as such, the exhibitors will pay as liquidated damages 100% of the total contracted space fee. All freight will be removed from the exhibitor’s booth and returned to the loading dock at the exhibitor’s expense, and NSA will be free to assign the space to other exhibiting companies or utilize the space at its discretion.
  11. Rejection of Application
    NSA reserves the right to cancel or refuse rental of display space to any person or company whose conduct or display of goods is, in the opinion of the show manager, incompatible with the general character and objectives of the exhibition. 
  12. Compliance with the Law
    NSA and the exhibitor shall comply with all laws and/or ordinances of the United States, the state of Florida, and city of Tampa, and wherever applicable, all rules and regulations of the local police and fire departments during the exhibition and during the preparation, set-up, and teardown of the exhibition. 
  13. Interpretation and Amendment
    NSA and the show manager shall have full power to interpret or amend these Rules and Regulations. The exhibitor agrees to abide by any rules or regulations that may be adopted hereafter by NSA. These Rules and Regulations become a part of the contract between the exhibitor and the National Sheriffs’ Association. They have been formulated in the best interest of the exhibitors. The show manager respectfully asks the full cooperation of the exhibitors in complying with these Rules and Regulations. All points not covered are subject to the decision of NSA. 
  14. Financials
    All exhibiting companies must be in good standing with NSA, i.e., all outstanding invoices (over 30 days) for advertising, or any other item, must be paid in full before exhibiting companies will be allowed to set up their display. 
  15. Good Neighbor Policy
    NSA requires all exhibitors to abide by the good neighbor policy. All exhibitors must consider those across the aisle and those on either side of them when their display involves lights, sound, etc. Pictures or videos cannot be taken of another person’s booth without their expressed permission. 
  16. Suit Casing
    Please note that while all meeting attendees are invited to the exhibition, any attendee who is observed to be soliciting business in the aisles or in other public spaces, in another company’s booth, or in violation of the IAEE Exhibition Policy will be asked to leave immediately. Additional penalties may be applied. Please report any violations you may observe to show management. 

  17. Promotional Activities, Contests and Giveaways
    NSA reserves the right to prohibit, limit or discontinue the distribution of gifts, giveaways, or similar promotions. All promotional activity must be within the confines of the exhibitor’s booth. Distribution of products, promotional materials or brochures outside contracted booth space is strictly prohibited. No announcements will be made of exhibitor’s contests, drawings or winners during the exposition and it is the exhibitor’s responsibility to inform the winner and to make arrangements for winner to receive the prize or giveaway. All exhibitors are expected to follow the rules of the state in which the exhibition is being held as pertains to giveaways, contests, raffles, etc.

Download a copy of the 2020 Exhibitor Rules and Regulations