NSA CSSA Scholarship Program

Application Deadline: April 5, 2019

MISSION STATEMENT: The NSA Committee of State Sheriffs’ Associations (CSSA) places a high priority on providing assistance and support to the nation’s Sheriffs by supporting and enhancing a strong alliance and network of State Sheriffs’ Associations during organized training sessions.

PRIORITY ON ATTENDANCE AT THE 2019 CSSA ANNUAL CONFERENCE: The CSSA schedules and plans a number of meetings and training sessions during the NSA’s Annual Training Conference that are specific to mentoring new Executive Directors and helping to make individual State Sheriffs Associations more effective, profitable, well organized, and better able to provide quality service and programming to their County Sheriffs.

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR JUNE, 2019 NSA CONFERENCE SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM: Recognizing that not all State Sheriffs’ Associations have the financial ability to send their State Executive Director to all NSA or CSSA meeting and conference functions, the CSSA has established the Executive Director – NSA Annual Conference, and CSSA Training Scholarship Program to offset the financial costs of a State Sheriffs’ Association sending their Executive Director to the NSA’s Annual Conference.

In June, 2019, there are a total of six (6) scholarships available at a total cost not to exceed $6,000.  The average scholarship could/should be awarded in the amount of $1,000.  The final award amount will be determined by the number of scholarships received.

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR JUNE, 2019 NSA CONFERENCE SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM PRIORITY: The CSSA has placed a scholarship priority on assisting those State Sheriffs Associations who: 1) do not send the Executive Director to the June NSA Annual Conference because of financial hardship, 2) rarely send their Executive Director to the June NSA Annual Conference because of financial hardship, or 3) the Executive Director is responsible to pay their individual way and experiences a financial hardship to attend the annual conference.

CSSA EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE: When scholarship funds are available, the CSSA Committee will establish a scholarship committee during the CSSA October conference to organize, advertise, solicit and award the Executive Director Scholarships for the upcoming year. 

Download Application  •  Email application to Thomas Maioli, Executive Director, Pennsylvania Sheriffs’ Association at tmaioli@pasheriffs.org