Past & Future Conferences

Future Conferences
June 14-19
Louisville, KY
June 22-26
Tampa, FL
June 21-25
Phoenix, AZ
June 20-24
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

NSA 2016
June 24-29
Mineapolis, MN
2016 Annual Conference - Friday
2016 Annual Conference - Saturday
2016 Annual Conference - Sunday
2016 Annual Conference - Monday
2016 Annual Conference - Tuesday
2016 Annual Conference - Wednesday

Seminar Powerpoints

Seminar LDSHP1.1: Preventing Corruption and Building Public Trust Within Your Sheriff's Office

Seminar LEO1.1: Transportation of Prisoners: Part I

Seminar LDSHP2.1: Sheriffs Institute for Credible Leadership Development:  What Is It, How Does it Work, and How Does It Benefit the Sheriffs, Their Deputies, & the Office?

Seminar LEO2.2: Transportation of Prisoners: Part II

Seminar GM/R3.1: Nuts and Bolts of U Visa for Undocumented Victims of Crime: A Case Study

Seminar LEO3.1: Watch Your Back: How to Make Training Legally Defensible

Seminar LEO3.2: Counterterrorism: Federal Intelligence Collaboration and Sharing With the First Responder Community

Seminar LEO3.3: Recruiting, Selecting, and Retaining A Workforce That Builds Community Trust and Legitimacy

Seminar LEO4.1: The Hidden Cost of Food Service - Mitigate the Risk!

Seminar LEO4.2: Developing Community Programs to Combat Child Exploitation

Seminar GM/R5.1: Using "TED Talk" Techniques to Make Your Speech Clear, Concise and Compelling!

Seminar LEO5.2: The Impact of Zadvydas V. Davis on Criminal Releases

Seminar LEO6.1: Crisis Intervention De-escalation for Rural Law Enforcement

Seminar LEO6.2: Intelligence Briefing on Illegal Firearms Trafficking Along the Iron Corridor

Seminar LDSHP6.1: Building Counter VUCA Community Policing Leadership Strategies

Seminar TECH6.1: How to Stay Afloat in a Sea of Digital Evidence

Seminar LEO8.2: Being Prepared for Al-Shabaab and ISIS

Seminar TECH8.1: HSI Biometric Support of State and Local Investigations

Seminar LEO9.1: Combating Radicalization

Seminar LEO9.2: Treating Victims of DUI/Impaired Driving Crashes and Other Vehicular Crimes as Crime Victims

Seminar LEO10.1: Updates in Correctional Mental Health Care 

Seminar TECH10.1: Law Enforcement Use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Seminar LEO12.1: Travel and Identity Document Security Features

Seminar LEO12.3: Border Patrol Search, Trauma, and Rescue Capabilities

Seminar LEO13.1: Counter Proliferation & Foreign Student Investigations   

Seminar LEO13.2: Tracking Animal Cruelty Crimes in NIBRS

Seminar LEO14.1: The Victim Centric Approach and Practical Tips When Encountering Victims

Seminar GM/R15.1: DDACTS: A Non-Biased Based Police Strategy

Seminar LEO15.2: Current Trends in Officer Safety

Seminar LEO15.3: An Overview of the Courthouse Shooting in Chester County, PA

Seminar TECH16.1: How to Enhance Your Agency's Analysis with Social Media Intelligence