2020 Sponsorship Opportunities

Reach the Top Decision Makers

Bring your products and services to the NSA Annual Conference. Sheriffs, their appointed purchasing agents, and other qualified buyers will gather in Tampa to see the current products for law enforcement, criminal justice, and corrections personnel.

Sheriffs have buying power and authority for their counties. This is your opportunity to make valuable contacts and develop relationships.

Why Sponsor at the NSA Conference?

NSA’s Annual Exhibition has been a sold-out show for the past fourteen years. Industry suppliers from across the country recognize that it is the place to be to reach the buying power of the nation’s sheriffs. Your competition will be there, and so should you! 


Average 2,300-3,500 attendees.  Attendees from across the U.S. include sheriffs and their staff, jail and court security personnel, and more.
Availability up-to-date as of March 5, 2020.
Conference Sponsor: $30,000
Opportunity to have your company name/logo and booth number on screen at the beginning and end of general session, name/logo/booth number on digital displays around venue, (number of locations TBD).  You will receive 3-5 minutes to address the general session.  Company name/logo on applicable marketing acknowledging you as the conference sponsor!   
2020 Sponsor:
Conference Keynote Speaker - $25,000
Sponsor the Opening Session Keynote Speaker. Your company name and logo will appear on the video screen as well as signage at the event. We will also invite a representative of your organization to introduce the Keynote Speaker if and only if the speaker is not a government employee. If it is a government official, you may give remarks rather than introduce.
2020 Sponsor:
Exclusive Board of Director’s (BOD) Dinner - SOLD
Invitations for up to 6 people on your team to host a private Monday night dinner for the NSA BOD, Executive Committee, and Past Presidents, location to TBD by NSA. Your company will be recognized and given the opportunity to address the gathering.  
2020 Sponsor: Verizon
FBINA & NSI Reception - $15,000
Host a private reception for our FBINA and NSI graduates on Wednesday night. Your company will be recognized and given the opportunity to address our attendees.
2020 Sponsor: FirstNet Built with AT&T
First Meeting of the NSA Executive Committee, Board of Directors, and Past Presidents, Including the Committee of State Sheriffs' Association - SOLD
Sponsor will have a few minutes to address the committee.
2020 Sponsor: Partnership for Safe Medicines
Second Meeting of the NSA Executive Committee, Board of Directors, and Past Presidents - $7,500
This event takes place on Thursday afternoon. Sponsor will have a few minutes to address the NSA executive committee, board of directors, and past presidents.
2020 Sponsor:
Committee of State Sheriffs Associations Breakfast - $8,500
Wake up on Monday and take a few minutes to address the State Sheriff Association Executive Directors.  
2020 Sponsor: Opiant Pharmaceuticals
Welcome Reception Co-Sponsor - $5,000
This event will be held in the exhibit hall on Tuesday evening. A great time to welcome attendees and exhibitors to the convention and be able to have your company highlighted as the sponsor for this event! Your company will be verbally acknowledged at the event.
2020 Sponsor:
Coffee Break (Wednesday and/or Thursday) - $10,000/day for exclusive sponsorship or $5,000 for multiple sponsors
Help perk up the attendees by sponsoring the coffee breaks in the exhibit hall on Wednesday and/or Thursday during the conference.  Your company will be highlighted as the sponsor all day while coffee is set up with signage at each coffee location.
2020 Sponsor:
Badge Holders - SOLD
Put your company name on prominent display. Badge holders are given to all attendees at the conference.
2020 Sponsor: PayTel
Relaxation Station - $10,000
Be the company to provide a five-minute chair massage to attendees at the NSA lounge located in the exhibit hall. Your company name, logo and booth number will be on signage at the relaxation station, signage around the exhibit hall, and all marketing. This is a great way to highlight your booth. The Relaxation Station will also have lead retrieval to scan badges and provide you with the data post conference!
2020 Sponsor:
First Time Attendees Reception - $7,500
Opportunity to interact with Board of Directors and those attending the conference for the first time.  You will receive a few minutes to address the attendees.  
2020 Sponsor:
Conference Registration Bags - $17,000
Have your logo featured on these handy tote bags are given to each attendee upon registering to carry materials during the conference. Another way to have your company name and logo walking the conference halls.
2020 Sponsor:
Hotel Key Cards - SOLD
Unlock the opportunity to expose your brand with this exclusive attention grabbing sponsorship. Put your company name, logo and booth number on the key every attendee receives upon checking in to any of the conference hotels.
2020 Sponsor: NaphCare, Inc.
Charging Station - SOLD
This popular destination includes signage in area to stop and charge your phone during very busy show days! Gain exposure to all attendees.
2020 Sponsor: Verizon
Registration Panels - $5,000/panel
Feature your company name/logo at the registration kiosk. One of the most visible opportunities for your company to elevate its profile in the midst of attendees registering!
2020 Sponsor:
Aisle Signs - $5,000/aisle
Put your company name on prominent display by having your logo on each aisle sign in the exhibit hall.
2020 Sponsor:
Conference Schedule-at-a-Glance - $7,500
A wallet sized fold out guide to give attendees an easy-to-carry schedule of conference events.
2020 Sponsor:
Exhibit Hall Floor Guide - $5,000
Place your ad on the front page of the guide that will lead attendees through the exhibit hall floor. This pocket-sized guide will be in the hands of every attendee. The sponsor will also have their name and booth number highlighted inside.
2020 Sponsor: National Child Safety Council
Sponsor a Sheriff - $6,000
Looking for a way to give back to the law enforcement community in a way that will directly impact a Sheriff? With your sponsorship support, one sheriff will have airfare, registration and housing costs covered. Your company will be recognized and thanked by NSA during the general session. (Sheriff must be a first-time attendee and approved by NSA).
2020 Sponsor:
Conference Pens - $5,000
The pens will include your company name/logo and be given to all conference attendees. A great way to have your logo displayed to a large audience!
2020 Sponsor:
Hydration Station in the NSA Exhibit Hall - $2,500/station or $9,000/4 stations
Your company name will be on signage at the station.  Open when hall is open.
2020 Sponsor:
Sponsored Committee Meeting - $5,000
Showcase your commitment to a topic by sponsoring one of the scheduled committee meeting. Sponsoring organizations will receive 2-3 minutes at the beginning of the committee meeting to introduce address the audience about your company.  You will also have the opportunity to distribute materials to all committee attendees.  Includes beverages.
2020 Sponsor:
Seminar Room Sponsorship - $5,000
Meeting Room Sponsorship allows the sponsoring company to place their signage/collateral materials in their sponsored meeting room ALL DAY for everyone who attends a seminar in that room to see.  You will have the opportunity to address each seminar for 1-2 minutes.
2020 Sponsor:
Cop's Breakfast in the Hall Co-Sponsor - $5,000
This sponsorship will be offered Tuesday morning immediately at hall opening. What a wonderful way to create exposure for your company/organization during our conference.
2020 Sponsor: Coalition Against Bigger Trucks
Bag Insert - $1,000
(Up to 10 available)
Place your promotional material and/or gift into each attendee’s registration bag. Provide a great gift that will have the attendee thanking you! And thinking of you! (Sponsor responsible for providing material).
2020 Sponsor:
Passport - $1,000
(Up to 24 available)
What better way to increase traffic to your booth? All attendees receive a Convention Passport at registration. Attendees are to visit each sponsor’s booth and receive a stamp. They must collect all participating booth stamps to be included in the drawing for the Passport prize.
2020 Sponsor:
Conference App Sponsor - $10,000
Have your logo highlighted in front of users of the conference app homepage at all times.  This is where important information on the schedule, sessions, exhibit hall and all other things conference-related will be posted.  Your company name and/or logo on all app marketing.
2020 Sponsor:
Conference App Banner Ad - $1,500
Have your ad displayed in front of users of the conference app on a rotating banner. This is where information on the schedule, sessions, exhibit hall and all other things conference-related will be posted.
2020 Sponsor:


Hospitality Lounge Sponsorship – Contact for Pricing
Invite your prospects and clients to your own private event in our Hospitality Lounge located in the exhibit hall, where you can order food and beverage to entertain and educate them. Available on Monday or Tuesday only.
2020 Sponsor:

Conference Signage - Contact for Pricing
(escalator cling, pillars and more) Be sure that everyone knows exactly where you are with this fun sponsorship available for 2020.
2020 Sponsor:

Mimosa Sponsor - Contact for Pricing
Sponsor morning mimosas each day on the show floor! (Must be exhibitor)
2020 Sponsor:

Ice Cream in Exhibit Hall - Contact for Pricing
Host a refreshing afternoon break in the exhibit hall. (Must be exhibitor)
2020 Sponsor:

Drink Tickets - Contact for Pricing
Sponsor drink tickets to be given to attendees for our opening reception! Attendees must visit your booth to obtain a ticket redeemable at the reception. This is a great way to increase traffic flow to your booth. (Must be exhibitor)
2020 Sponsor:

Opening Reception Entertainment - Contact for Pricing
Go crazy and be the life of the party with an entertainment sponsorship in the Exhibit Hall during the opening reception. Deadlines apply.
2020 Sponsor:

2020 Official WiFi Sponsor - Contact for Pricing
Stay connected to all the attendees with an exclusive WIFI sponsorship during the event. Direct all participants to your website as landing page for premium on site and digital
2020 Sponsor: