Annual Deputy Symposium

The 3rd Annual Deputy Symposium will be held during the Annual Conference. This will be a two-day event specifically for deputies. The cost for the full two days is $150, or if you are a full registrant for the conference the 2-day Symposium is included in your registration fee.

Lieutenant Colonel Dave Grossman 
The Bulletproof Mind: Psychological Preparation for Combat 

Course Objective: To do, for the mind and the spirit, what body armor does for the torso. This session reflects a new era of ‘record’ body counts in international and domestic terrorism. It also considers: 
  • Salient historical events that may influence terrorist behavior. 
  • The possibility of school violence, and school/ workplace violence prevention. 
  • A virus of violence in America and worldwide, its causes and its effect. 
  • The psychological cost of conflict. 
  • The physiology and psychology of a conflict situation. 
  • PTSD: What is it and how to prevent it.
  • The resistance to killing in every healthy human.
  • Non-firers throughout history.
  • A revolution in combat: Use of training to overcome the resistance to killing.
  • Training kids to kill: The virus of violence and how kids are being enabled to kill.
  • Survival after the battle and in the years to come.
Phil Chalmers
Inside the Mind of a Teen Killer and the Animal Abuser 
Phil Chalmers has interviewed more than 200 teen killers and school shooters, along with numerous serial killers, mass murderers, animal abusers, and sexual predators. He has delved into the minds of the offenders, and explored why they kill, and if society could have stopped them. This seminar explores his findings.


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