Track Descriptions

This year at the 2024 NSA Annual Conference, we are pleased to offer new and exciting Seminar Tracks! You will find the tracks and their descriptions below. We highly encourage you to attend and submit a seminar proposal.

Future of Law Enforcement – This track covers what is new in the world of law enforcement and looking to what is just past the horizon. These sessions should be forward thinking and can include technology that might be coming, changes to the psychology of law enforcement and their community, or other topics that reflect the future of law enforcement.

Jail Operations – Sessions that cover the issues that affect jails; training on how to more effectively run jail operations and issues affect jail administrators and jail staffing.

Legal Affairs – These sessions will cover legal issues facing the law enforcement community today and into the future. They can cover current existing laws, proposed legislation, and potential legislation that the community should keep an eye out for or should be working on crafting in their jurisdictions.

Officer Wellness – Officer wellness is an ongoing and ever evolving issues in all those working law enforcement and public safety sectors. It impacts not just the officer but also their family and their team. Sessions submitted to this track could cover any wellness issues for any audience that is connected to law enforcement and first responders.

Recruitment, Retention & Training – These are some of the biggest challenges facing law enforcement today. This track should provide practical actionable skills and tool for attendees to take back to their office and apply to help them recruit the right staff, give them the right training and help them retain their new hires.

Law Enforcement Tech – These sessions would look at the latest and greatest in law enforcement technology and its applications in real world settings. These should be technologies that are available today, if it is technology that is upcoming that would be in the Future of Law Enforcement track.

Leadership – Sessions in this track should cover topics like how to be a better leader, how to overcome the leadership challenges or how to gain the skills to prepare to move into a leadership role.

Public Safety – Public Safety encompasses many first responders, not just Sheriff’s and their deputies. This track is to cover the broader areas of public safety and to include topics that are of interest to all first responders.

NSA Talks – A NSA Talk is a showcase for speakers presenting great, well-formed ideas in under 18 minutes. They should be new and surprising, an idea or invention that the audience has not heard about or a great basic idea that the audience has heard about with a completing new perspective.

Case Studies – This track is to provide case study reports from specific events or programs that demonstrate how the situation was handled by the responding agencies. These are to be learning opportunities from real world examples.  The case study can show-case an incident such as a mass shoot or a program such as a child trafficking initiative.

Rural & Small Agency – The needs of small and rural agencies are different from the challenges of the major city and county agencies. Sessions in this track will specifically target topics that are relevant to small and rural agencies. Topics that include resources for these agencies are of interest.

Traffic Safety: Sheriffs greatest impact on saving lives can be through the education and enforcement of traffic safety. The National Safety Council reports over 44,000 people died in 2023 due to traffic incidents, or more than twice the number that died by homicide. NHTSA estimates that 37 people a day. or one person every 39 minutes dies in drunk-driving crashes. Seminars in this track will give law enforcement information on new technology and the tools they need to reduce impaired driving, keep their citizens safe, and still get re-elected.

For questions or clarification about the seminar tracks, please contact Sofie Roskin at