NSA Annual Education and Technology Expo Seminar Presenter FAQs

Q: When will I know if my presentation has been accepted for the NSA Annual Education and Technology Expo?
A: The submitter will receive a notification email from the Training Department with the decision no later than January 31 of the conference year. They will be expected to acknowledge receipt to accept and review content for the conference program.

Q: If my proposal is accepted, will I receive any compensation for presenting at an NSA conference?
A: No, NSA does not pay travel expenses or honorariums.

Q: If my proposal is accepted, will I receive complimentary registration at NSA’s conference?
A: No, submission of a proposal is a commitment to be a registered participant of the conference. Beginning at the Annual conference in 2017, registration is not complimentary or discounted for submitted speakers.

Q: If accepted, how much time will I be given to present?
A: Seminar times are either 1 hour or 2 hours in length. The proposal form asks for your desired length and NSA will do its best to fulfill your request.

Q: How are seminar rooms set up? What audio-visual equipment will be available for my presentation?
A: All seminar rooms will be set in classroom style seating. A head table for three and standing lecturn will be standard in each room for presenters, along with an LCD projector and screen. All presenters must bring their own laptop. An audio-visual technician will be available to assist you in setting up your laptop with the projector and to answer any technical questions.

Additional audio-visual requests will be considered at the discretion of the Show Manager and the availability of such resources. Costs of additional audio-visual requests may be passed on to the presenter (i.e. internet).

Q: What format should my presentation be in? Should I include handouts?
A: Most seminar presenters have a PowerPoint presentation and may provide additional handouts (copied and shipped to the conference site at their expense). In order for attendees to obtain POST credit in their state, NSA requires the following documentation for each seminar, approximately one month prior to the conference (specific date TBD), and it will be placed online for attendees to access after the conference:

  1. Short bio/resume of the instructor(s)
  2. Goal or learning objective of the seminar
  3. Outline of training materials
  4. PowerPoint of training materials (a PDF version will suffice)

Q: Where should I go once I arrive on-site at the conference?
A: NSA will provide a Speaker Ready Room (exact location TBD and communicated to the submitter) for presenters to utilize on the day of their presentation. This room will be set up for your use, and will contain your conference credentials (so you are encouraged to pre-register for the conference in advance). An NSA representative will be available during room hours to answer any questions.

Q: What is expected of me as a presenter?
A: Conference attendees invest a considerable amount of time and expense to attend the conference. It is expected that presenters:

  1. will prepare for their seminar prior to arrival;
  2. have a significant knowledge and expertise of the subject area, and have sufficient presentation skills to effectively communicate;
  3. will not engage in excessive commercial presentations of their organization or service;
  4. will be conscious of the time limitation of their seminar;
  5. will not read directly from PowerPoints or written statements.