The goal is to be the first player or team to reach exactly 21 points by landing bolas on the rungs of the ladder.


  1. Ladders: Place the ladders 15 feet apart from each other.
  2. Teams: Form two teams with an equal number of players.
  3. Bolas: Each team gets three bolas.


  1. Turns: Players take turns tossing all three bolas. The player or team who scored last goes first in the next round.
  2. Tossing: Stand behind the ladder while tossing the bolas. Overhand or underhand tosses are allowed.


  1. Top Rung: 3 points
  2. Middle Rung: 2 points
  3. Bottom Rung: 1 point
  4. Exact 21 Points: If a team exceeds 21 points, their score for that round is zero, and they remain at their previous score.
  5. Cancellation Scoring: If both teams land on the same rung, the points cancel out (only for that rung).


  • The first team to score exactly 21 points at the end of a round wins the game.


  • Tied Bolas: If bolas are tied on the same rung, they do not cancel out.
  • Dislodging: If a bola dislodges another bola, the points still count for both teams based on where the bolas end up after all tossing is completed.